"To fight against the pneumonia epidemic, we are duty-bound"-the feelings of Guangzhou enterprises on the silent battlefield

Column:Industry News Time:2020-01-27 Source: People's Daily
Shortage of protective clothing! Short kits! There is a shortage of masks! Wuhan, which is the hardest hit by the new coronavirus infection in pneumonia, affects the hearts of people across the country....

Shortage of protective clothing! Short kits! There is a shortage of masks! Wuhan, which is the hardest hit by the new coronavirus infection in pneumonia, affects the hearts of people across the country, as well as the pharmaceutical companies in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone. In the past few days, employees have given up their jobs during the Spring Festival holiday, and the production line has been working hard to get full horsepower. A box of antiviral drugs, a piece of protective equipment, and a bottle of killing solvent are urgently transported from here to Wuhan. Fighting the epidemic and keeping watch for help, Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone took an emergency action.

Act quickly, increase production capacity and do everything possible to guarantee supply

Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangxue Pharmaceutical), which had made important contributions to the fight against SARS in 2003, took the lead again this time and devoted all its efforts to fight the new pneumonia epidemic.

Xiangxue Pharmaceutical has been paying close attention to the epidemic situation in Wuhan and taking active actions. On the evening of January 20, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical prepared 200 pieces of anti-viral oral liquid worth 280,000 yuan overnight and distributed it to medical staff in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and other medical institutions in the form of free donated drugs, which became the discovery of new pneumonia in Wuhan Since the first domestic pharmaceutical enterprise donated.

In the past few days, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical has not been on holiday or stopped production during the Spring Festival. The production workshop is busy, and all production lines are running full horsepower to produce antiviral drugs. On January 21, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical issued an "Emergency Mobilization Order" to all employees, announcing that the company was in an emergency stocking state, encouraging employees to cancel vacations, voluntarily joining the rush production operation, and contributing their own strength.

After receiving the mobilization order, many employees who had returned to their hometowns for the Spring Festival responded positively. With the exception of a few remote employees and employees from Hubei, most of the employees returned to work, with more than 300 employees. In the early morning of January 23, I saw in the factory area of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Headquarters in the Science City of Guangzhou Development Zone that the workers were busy on the production line, one, one box, one box of antiviral oral liquid quickly completed filling, Labeling, boxing and other processes. In front of the warehouse of the factory, a large truck full of anti-virus oral liquid was filled with trucks and trucks, and rushed to Wuhan and other places. In the huge warehouse, the sound of forklifts shuttled back and forth for a long time.

According to the relevant person in charge of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, the company's workshop has started a 24-hour work system. "In the past few days, the company's supply chain employees have worked overtime and worked hard to ensure the production and supply of pharmaceutical substances to meet market demand as much as possible. It is usually one month's shipment. During the Spring Festival, the daily production capacity is more than 3,000 pieces, and we are working hard to deliver to the 5,000-piece target. " Daily report, adjust production plan at any time to meet the demand as much as possible.

Sun Yat-sen University's Daan Gene Co., Ltd., which produces test kits as its main product, responded to the outbreak and responded quickly to the development of new coronavirus nucleic acid test kits. On January 12, after obtaining the virus's genetic sequence data, Daan Gene quickly launched R & D and launched the detection kit for the new coronavirus nucleic acid for the first time.

Over the past few days, nearly one hundred employees of Da'an Gene have returned to work. They have not rested during the Spring Festival. The relevant departments such as production, R & D, quality supervision, logistics, and logistics support have worked overtime. The key departments have implemented a 24-hour shift system to ensure daily production capacity of 100,000 people. As far as possible, make up for the gap of detection kits in epidemic areas such as Wuhan.

According to reports, this batch of detection kits developed by Daan Gene includes single gene, double gene and triple gene detection. The target gene of 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is selected as the target area for amplification. The needle is used for the detection of 2019 new coronavirus RNA in specimens; the types of product detection samples include pharyngeal swabs, alveolar lavage fluid and sputum. With automatic extraction equipment, the entire process of the experiment is automated, convenient and fast, and it is suitable for large Some fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments have provided great convenience for disease control centers and hospitals at all levels to carry out clinical disease prevention monitoring and diagnosis.

In Blue Moon (China) Co., Ltd., a battle to supply products to protect and eliminate products is starting. With the development of the epidemic, the demand for killing products in the market has increased sharply. Due to the insufficient inventory of some products, there is a supply gap. Blue Moon urgently recalled 30 business backbones and nearly 100 workers. From the second day of the first lunar month onwards, it started the production of 84 disinfectant, antibacterial hand sanitizer, bleach, and disinfectant for clothes to ensure the supply. According to reports, during the Spring Festival (the second day to the seventh day), the company implemented a single-shift system, temporarily increasing the output of disinfection products by 50,000 boxes; the eighth day began to implement a double-shift system, and guaranteed 30,000 boxes per day. Starting from February to further increase production, it is expected to gradually meet the current order gap starting in early February.


According to reports, the series of antimicrobial products produced by Blue Moon have a bacteriostatic rate of over 99.9%, which can effectively remove pathogenic bacteria and play an important role in epidemic prevention and control.

Yuan Jianhua, chairman of Jiete Biological Co., Ltd., which has just been listed on the Science and Technology Board, knocked the bell from Shanghai and returned to Guangzhou. The shortage of protective equipment in the epidemic area in Wuhan made him very anxious. Yuan Jianhua personally led the team and led more than 40 employees who returned to work after canceling their vacations and put them into tight and orderly production. Jiete Bio also urgently booked two production lines to make every effort to increase production capacity.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 enterprises in the Guangzhou Development Zone of Huangpu District took the initiative to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Many business leaders said that the epidemic is critical and life is critical. The production of an additional medical supplies is to fight the epidemic. To contribute more, our medical products company is duty-bound.

Help with the people of Wuhan

 "If there is a battle, the call will be returned!" Kang Zhiying, an employee who has worked for Xiangxue Pharmaceutical for more than 20 years, did not hesitate to return to the company after receiving the company's emergency mobilization order and invest in the front line of pharmaceutical production.

During the Spring Festival this year, many employees of Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, like Kang Zhiying, had an unforgettable new year on the production line. They said that we cannot fight in the front line of prevention and control like medical staff, but our hearts and the people of Wuhan are watching and helping each other.

"My mother broke her leg in December last year and was unable to go downstairs. My sister-in-law had just given birth to a child, and the family was in chaos. I received a company mobilization order. I persuaded my family to take the high-speed rail to the company on the second day of the year. "Family understands it, even if they don't understand it, there is no way. I can't watch the epidemic area in Wuhan has been out of stock, I feel uncomfortable!"

Tan Guanghua, general manager of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Division, who sold pharmaceuticals in Beijing during SARS in 2003, had arranged a trip abroad for the Spring Festival. "This is the first time the whole family has traveled, and the flight ticket hotel cannot be refunded, but the family is very supportive of my return to work at the company, and I am very guilty and grateful. This year it was me who sent the medicine to Wuhan again. I feel very proud!"

At 6 a.m. on January 21, the Xiangxue Pharmaceutical team led by Tan Guanghua arrived in Wuhan after 15 hours for delivery and donation. After arriving in Wuhan, he immediately sent Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid to major pharmacies in Wuhan, and instructed pharmacies to keep the price unchanged.

At 9 a.m. the next day, Tan Guanghua rushed to the Wuhan Red Cross and donated the first 200 pieces of Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid with a total value of 280,000 yuan on behalf of the company, which was directed to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and other medical institutions for medical care. personnel. "At present, Wuhan's pneumonia epidemic is still in the rising period, and it needs multiple resources and support. Our company will continue to act and call on more social forces to participate in public welfare and jointly control the epidemic." Tan Guanghua said at the donation ceremony.

 "We are on the road against the epidemic." In the past few days, the story of the employees of Da'an Gene Company from Guangzhou Chiyuan Medicine to Wuhan moved the circle of WeChat friends. Medical institutions in the epidemic area of Wuhan urgently need testing kits and related instruments, and Daan Gene urgently transferred a batch of products to be shipped from Guangzhou. At that time, logistics was suspended, Wuhan was closed, and flights were cancelled. In order to ensure the normal supply of equipment and reagents, the Daan Gene Hubei team overcame many difficulties and drove more than 300 kilometers to Xiangyang Airport to pick up the goods and then went to Wuhan Hospital overnight to install the machine. Good sex, solving the urgent needs of local disease prevention and control and clinical treatment institutions.

Daan Gene staff who participated in the transportation operation said that at that time, they only wanted to send the kit to the medical staff as soon as possible, because this is the greatest help for them. According to reports, the Daan genetic test kit can accurately, quickly and easily detect whether the patient is infected with the new coronavirus and identify early infections. This has positive significance for reporting to disease control agencies, for case rescue and nosocomial infection monitoring, and can be said to be the first step in epidemic prevention and control.



On January 25, New Year's Day, Chairman of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Wang Yonghui came to the company early in the morning to hold a meeting to cheer employees. He said: "This new pneumonia" war epidemic ", our team can fight and will definitely win the battle!" In response to this severe epidemic, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical has signed a national reserve plan to support Wuhan epidemic prevention and control. At present, Xiangxue's ability to cope with product quality, efficacy, production capacity, resource layout, and storage has been greatly improved. Wang Yonghui said that Xiangxue Pharmaceutical will go all out to respond to the epidemic.

Xiangxue Pharmaceutical also cooperated with the Guangzhou Volunteer Association to jointly launch "Wuhan, come on! Donate materials to organize volunteer service activities", recruit volunteers to assist in drug packaging and packaging, and orderly participate in prevention and control to prevent the spread of the epidemic. , Seize the victory in the prevention and control struggle and contribute. After the recruitment order was issued, 200 volunteers were enrolled in just one day.

As a star pharmaceutical company that became famous during the period of SARS, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical has been actively involved in public welfare undertakings for charity activities such as the 2003 SARS, the 2008 Southern Guangdong Ice Disaster, the Wenchuan Earthquake and the annual "Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day". The total value of donated medicines has exceeded 100 million. Xiangxue Pharmaceutical said that in this epidemic, it will continue to assume the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to help the nation's anti-virus campaign and make a commitment that anti-viral oral liquids and other products will not increase prices. "If we find behaviors that drive up prices and monopolize, we Report to the relevant departments as soon as possible and give them strict investigation and punishment. "

"We are losing money, and the masks we produce are never going to increase the price of a penny," Yuan Jianhua, chairman of Jiete Biology, who is inspecting the production line, told the author on the first day of the first lunar month. Baifeier Air Purification Material Co., Ltd., also in Huangpu, is a subsidiary of Jiete Bio. It is fully producing protective products such as protective masks and goggles. However, due to the seasonal fluctuations in demand for such products, the continuous losses in the past few years have failed to produce synergies with the main business of the parent company Jiete Biotechnology. The 2018 shareholders of Jiete Biotechnology have been held on April 20, 2019. The meeting passed a resolution to cancel, and is currently carrying out the tax audit before the cancellation.

In the face of the epidemic, Jiete Bioactive took the initiative to take on social responsibility as a listed company. In response to the current large gap in masks, it reactivated the production capacity of Byfair and supported the national pneumonia epidemic prevention war.

"The masks produced by Fair Hold are N95 masks, which have obtained the test report from the authoritative organization, including the anti-virus test report from the Nelson laboratory in the United States. The anti-virus test effect is greater than 99.99%." Yuan Ye James, general manager of Jiete Bio said , The product can provide good security for individuals.

During the Spring Festival this year, the Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, where the factories gathered, changed the calm of previous years, and employees returned to their production posts without turning back. They had to race against time and the epidemic to do their part to fight the epidemic. Many employees said that the actual Spring Festival had a special meaning to fight the epidemic.

Chinese medicine should play a bigger role in the prevention and treatment of new types of pneumonia

What effect does Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid have on the new coronavirus? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical said that at present, the company has no product development for new coronavirus, but the company's leading product Xiangxue antiviral oral liquid has been selected as the recommended drug in the national influenza drug guide, which has an important role in preventing influenza. .

It is understood that in 2013, Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of avian influenza. Its clinical pharmacology has been included in the "Guidelines for the Treatment and Prevention and Control of Influenza and Human Influenza Avian Influenza" by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. , Viral influenza, influenza A, hand, foot and mouth disease, avian flu, etc.

 "In the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, Chinese medicine should play a greater role." Zhang Boli, president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the clinical manifestations and evolution of Wuhan's new coronavirus pneumonia have certain similarities with SRAS. In the clinical treatment of SARS more than ten years ago, traditional Chinese medicine has a significant effect in reducing fever symptoms, controlling the progression of the disease, reducing the amount of hormones, and reducing complications. Later experiments on SARS virus showed that some Chinese patent medicines do have the effect of suppressing coronavirus.

Academician Zhang Boli introduced that in the field of drug research, the new coronavirus will be screened in vitro to find drugs containing antiviral oral liquid and Huoxiangzhengqi for clinical promotion and application. "In addition to early detection, early isolation, and early treatment, more emphasis is placed on applying the concept of" treating the disease "to strengthen preventive intervention."

Anti-viral oral liquid has played an important role as a preventive medicine for frontline medical staff during the fight against SARS, H1N1 influenza and avian influenza, which fully reflects the clinical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing and treating new sudden infectious diseases.

According to the official information of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid is based on Zhang Zhongjing's "Shanghan Lun" "White Tiger Decoction" and Qing Dynasty's famous "Qingwen Baidu Decoction", which originated in the 1990s In order to explore the treatment of Japanese encephalitis, the Chinese medicine community has developed a traditional Chinese medicine oral solution after clinical observation that it has a good effect on the treatment of colds and flu.

Wang Xuehui, chairman of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, said that more than ten years after SARS, despite the absence of major epidemics, viral infectious diseases such as influenza, hand-foot-mouth disease, and avian influenza still "committed" from time to time. Special clinical trials to study the prevention and treatment of antiviral oral liquid on more viral infectious diseases.

Wang Yonghui introduced that after Xiangxue Pharmaceutical went on the market in 2010, it invested more than 30 million yuan to conduct evidence-based medical research on large samples, providing a more scientific basis for the effectiveness and safety of the product. "We have completed the monitoring of 10,000 cases of antiviral oral liquids in hospitals. Such investment and research are extremely rare not only in traditional Chinese medicine companies, but also in other domestic pharmaceutical companies."

Xiangxue Pharmaceutical completed the Phase IV clinical study of nearly 3,000 antiviral oral liquid multicenter large samples in 2016. The results of the study show that Xiangxue Antiviral Oral Liquid can effectively improve cold / flu symptoms and shorten the course of the disease. Early medication has a significant effect. Early medication can effectively reduce the incidence of severe influenza and complications and reduce the chance of infection.

Relevant experts suggest that in the current epidemic prevention and control, the role of viral oral liquid should be fully exerted.

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