Enterprises in Huangpu District of Guangzhou acted quickly to support Wuhan in fighting the epidemic

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Shortage of protective clothing! Short kits! There is a shortage of masks! Wuhan, which is the hardest hit by the new coronavirus infection in pneumonia, affects the hearts of people across the country......
Shortage of protective clothing! Short kits! There is a shortage of masks! Wuhan, which is the hardest hit by the new coronavirus infection in pneumonia, affects the hearts of people across the country, as well as the pharmaceutical companies in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone. In the past few days, employees have given up their jobs during the Spring Festival holiday, and the production line has been working hard to get full horsepower. A box of antiviral drugs, a piece of protective equipment, and a bottle of killing solvent are urgently shipped from here to Wuhan. Fighting the epidemic and keeping watch for help, Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone took an emergency action.

Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangxue Pharmaceutical), which had made important contributions to the fight against SARS in 2003, took the lead again this time and devoted all its efforts to fight the new pneumonia epidemic.

On the evening of January 20, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical prepared 200 pieces of anti-viral oral liquid worth 280,000 yuan overnight and distributed it to medical staff in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and other medical institutions in the form of free donated drugs. Since the first domestic pharmaceutical enterprise donated.


In the past few days, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical has not been on holiday or stopped production during the Spring Festival. The production workshop is busy, and all production lines are running full horsepower to produce antiviral drugs. On January 21, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical issued an "Emergency Mobilization Order" to all employees, announcing that the company was in an emergency stocking state, encouraging employees to cancel vacations, voluntarily joining the rush production operation, and contributing their own strength.

After receiving the mobilization order, many employees who had returned to their hometowns for the Spring Festival responded positively. With the exception of a few remote employees and employees from Hubei, most of the employees returned to work, with more than 300 employees. Early in the morning on January 23, the reporter saw in the factory area of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Headquarters in the Science City of Guangzhou Development Zone that workers were busy on the production line. One, one box, one box of antiviral oral liquid quickly completed filling, Labeling, boxing and other processes. In front of the warehouse of the factory, a large truck full of anti-virus oral liquid was filled with trucks and trucks, and rushed to Wuhan and other places. In the huge warehouse, the sound of forklifts shuttled back and forth for a long time.

According to the relevant person in charge of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, the company's workshop has started a 24-hour work system. "In the past few days, the company's supply chain employees have worked overtime and worked hard to ensure the production and supply of pharmaceutical substances to meet market demand as much as possible. It is usually one month's shipment. During the Spring Festival, the daily production capacity is more than 3,000 pieces, and we are working hard to deliver to the 5,000-piece target. " Daily report, adjust production plan at any time to meet the demand as much as possible.

The Daan Gene Hubei team overcame difficulties such as flight cancellations and drove more than 300 kilometers overnight to ensure the supply of kits.

Sun Yat-sen University's Daan Gene Co., Ltd., which produces test kits as its main product, responded to the outbreak and responded quickly to the development of new coronavirus nucleic acid test kits. On January 12, after obtaining the virus's genetic sequence data, Daan Gene quickly launched R & D and launched the detection kit for the new coronavirus nucleic acid for the first time.

Over the past few days, nearly one hundred employees of Da'an Gene have returned to work. They have not rested during the Spring Festival. The relevant departments such as production, R & D, quality supervision, logistics, and logistics support have worked overtime. The key departments have implemented a 24-hour shift system to ensure daily production capacity of 100,000 people. As far as possible, make up for the gap of detection kits in epidemic areas such as Wuhan.

According to reports, this batch of detection kits developed by Daan Gene includes single gene, double gene and triple gene detection. The target gene of 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is selected as the target area for amplification. The needle is used for the detection of 2019 new coronavirus RNA in specimens; the types of product detection samples include pharyngeal swabs, alveolar lavage fluid and sputum. With automatic extraction equipment, the entire process of the experiment is automated, convenient and fast, and it is suitable for large Some fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments have provided great convenience for disease control centers and hospitals at all levels to carry out clinical disease prevention monitoring and diagnosis.


According to reports, the series of antimicrobial products produced by Blue Moon have a bacteriostatic rate of over 99.9%, which can effectively remove pathogenic bacteria and play an important role in epidemic prevention and control.

Yuan Jianhua, chairman of Jiete Biological Co., Ltd., which has just been listed on the Science and Technology Board, knocked the bell from Shanghai and returned to Guangzhou. The shortage of protective equipment in the epidemic area in Wuhan made him very anxious. Yuan Jianhua personally led the team and led more than 40 employees who returned to work after canceling their vacations and put them into tight and orderly production. Jiete Bio also urgently booked two production lines to make every effort to increase production capacity.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 enterprises in the Guangzhou Development Zone of Huangpu District took the initiative to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Many business leaders said that the epidemic is critical and life is critical. The production of an additional medical supplies is to fight the epidemic. To contribute more, our medical products company is duty-bound.

During the Spring Festival this year, the Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, where the factories gathered, changed the calm of previous years, and employees returned to their production posts without turning back. They had to race against time and the epidemic to do their part to fight the epidemic. Many employees said that the actual Spring Festival had a special meaning to fight the epidemic. (Economic Daily reporter Pang Caixia correspondent Zhang Cheng Zhong Feixing Xiao Kunhua)

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