The employees of the mask production line have been rushing these days

Column:Industry News Time:2020-02-13 Source: New express
The reporter of the New Express interviewed a mask production line in Guangzhou. From 28 to the present, workers have been in an overwhelming state of rushing.

■ Wu Gong is busy in front of the mask production line. Photo courtesy of interviewees

From twenty-eight years to now, all machines are running 24 hours

In this extraordinary period, how precious is the mask, everyone feels it? What kind of life do the workers and masters of the mask production line live during this time?

The reporter of the New Express interviewed a mask production line in Guangzhou. From 28 to the present, workers have been in an overwhelming state of rushing. "As long as you don't stop, you won't feel tired. No one will suppress production, but everyone knows the situation is urgent ". In this way, within 20 days, the production capacity was gradually restored and expanded, from a few thousand per day to more than 100,000 per day.

■ Coordinating: Xin Express reporter Xiao Ping ■ Writing: Xin Express reporter Xiao Yunhui

Now I ’m working hard to do two shifts to ensure that the equipment is running 24 hours

On January 22 (year 28), Wu Gong, a mask production equipment maintenance engineer, planned to return to his hometown in Anhui on this day. Unexpectedly, before leaving, he received an emergency recall notice from his company, Guangzhou Baifeier Air Purification Material Co., Ltd., located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City. Wu Gong said frankly that when he heard the first reaction, he was still a little nervous, and he felt a little guilty for the elderly in his hometown. "But we are producing masks. Since we are in this industry, we must do it at this time."

As the first batch of employees to rush back, Wu Gong moved into the company's dormitory, and the mobile phone remained on for 24 hours. At the beginning of the work, the biggest problem was that there was not enough manpower. "Many colleagues have returned to their hometowns, and those who rushed back were all near Guangzhou. The company that originally produced one or two hundred masks had only one or two people reinstated."

Since the start of work, we must start full production with horsepower. As a mask maintenance staff, Wu Gong and his colleagues immediately took part in this battle without smoke. The first thing is to debug, maintain and maintain the equipment and repair the faulty ones. "The task is very heavy. There are only seven or eight people in two classes of our equipment group, and three or four people in one class have to monitor all production lines. My brothers and I are working on at least two people. And we must ensure that all machines are running 24 hours. There can be no stopping, no faults, and no problem with one machine can affect the entire production line. " To this end, Wu Gong and his colleagues have to replace some wearable parts from time to time, and also need to monitor the machine data, and repair the machine as soon as the machine breaks down. From the beginning of the resumption of work to the day of the interview, Wu Gong has been working on 12 consecutive night shifts, with a maximum of 16 hours a day. Sometimes tired, just take a nap when the machine is stable.

"Because we know the gap masks for front-line personnel, we are all desperately doing it now." The company where Wu Gong works mainly produces masks that meet the N95 standard. They know that the more they produce, the more helpful they are in fighting the epidemic.

Working more than 12 hours a day, forgetting to drink water and forget to eat. In such a state of rush, Wu Gong and his co-workers spent this unforgettable Spring Festival. "You will find that everyone is very energetic, like hitting chicken blood, no one wants to rest, only to feel exhausted at the moment of sitting down and eating occasionally."

      Do one more and count one

      We have this sense of responsibility

      Wu Gong said that these days, employees on the production line have returned one after another. Sixty or seventy people have resumed work on the production team of more than one hundred people, and the output of masks is gradually increasing-from a few thousand to tens of thousands to 100,000 per day, this number is still growing. "If all work is resumed, the output can more than double." Wu Gong said that on the one hand, the company is actively organizing the resumption of employees and giving subsidies, and the government is also organizing volunteers to participate in production; on the other hand, the company is purchasing new Equipment and raw materials. Wu Gong and his equipment maintenance team are about to invest in the commissioning and maintenance of new equipment.

      "The workers on the front line of the epidemic prevention, such as sanitation workers, police, etc., can't do without masks, so we hope to be able to do one more." Wu Gong is very clear that a large number of masks are urgently needed, and their sense of responsibility gives this job a new significance.

      Wu Gong said that he can't do without the company's protection of front-line personnel. Employees can get one or two masks every day, and daily body temperature and alcohol disinfection are also essential. "If you miss the meal time, the logistics staff will keep the food warm and wait for us to go. Now, some pharmacies have begun to sell the masks they produced." The common people have used the masks they have participated in the production, and feel that everything is meaningful. "