In an emergency, Guangdong private enterprises are taking action against the "epidemic"

Column:Industry News Time:2020-04-20 Source: Fengyun Cantonese
Virus detection kits are in short supply, lack of testing power, and a "cover" is hard to find ... How can Guangdong enterprises in the frontline of medical treatment against epidemics break through the dilemma?

Virus detection kits are in short supply, lack of testing power, and a "cover" is hard to find ... How can Guangdong enterprises in the frontline of medical treatment against epidemics break through the dilemma? This issue of "Fengyun Yueshang" takes you to the most urgent moment after the outbreak ...

January 20, 2020, 4 days before New Year's Eve, the epidemic alarm sounded!

Zhong Nanshan, a well-known respiratory expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the new coronavirus has a human-to-human phenomenon.

Since then, the number of people buying protective equipment has skyrocketed, and protective products from various pharmacies have become urgent.

The epidemic is an order. Yuan Jiehua, chairman of Guangzhou Jiete Biological Filtration Co., Ltd., which produces masks, quickly leads the workers to sort out the original materials and equipment and prepares to resume production.

Market demand has skyrocketed, mask raw material suppliers have limited production capacity, coupled with traffic control under the epidemic, prices of labor, machinery, raw materials and auxiliary materials have skyrocketed. Raw materials soared from 31,000 tons to 81,000 tons. The equipment has also increased from 200,000 to 400,000.

Even more tricky is that these machines and raw materials may not be available at high prices.

Yuan Jianhua timely reflected the situation to the relevant government departments, and finally coordinated to a stable supply, striking a set of beautiful "government and enterprise combination punches".

Jiang Xiwen, chief scientist of Sun Yat-sen University Da'an Gene Co., Ltd., was the first to invest in the research and development of test kits. The company became one of the first batch of two manufacturers to develop targeted nucleic acid detection reagents for the new coronavirus.

On January 22, the State Food and Drug Administration opened a rapid approval channel for medical device registration certificates. Jiang Xiwen and his team fought for six days and six nights to get a medical device registration certificate.

In the field of pharmaceutical retailing, faced with the surge in demand and tight logistics, Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group faced the suppliers and made the payment first, then the goods, regardless of all costs, to meet the supply. And for snapping up, it has formulated a purchase restriction policy to ensure that more people buy medical protective materials.

Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group's main warehouse in Guangzhou is responsible for the distribution of more than 900 direct stores and the supply of various sub-warehouses.

Jinyu Medical Group, as the third-party medical laboratory with the largest market share in the country, received authorization or commission from more than 20 provinces and municipalities in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Anhui during the epidemic to carry out nucleic acid testing in local provincial laboratories.

The inspectors they started training on the third day of the New Year were scattered to the frontline of the epidemic situation all over the country to participate in the detection and screening of new coronavirus.

In addition to speed and efficiency, courage and responsibility, Guangdong private enterprises have "the other side":

Country Garden Group, in cooperation with the Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Foundation and the Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation, launched a special action to ensure supply and prevent unsalable purchases. Enterprises pay money, purchase unsalable agricultural products in impoverished areas, and donate to the epidemic; Shuanglin Biopharmaceutical Enterprise donates intravenous immunoglobulin to the New Coronary Pneumonia designated hospital through the Guangdong Red Cross Society ...

If there is a difficulty on one side, with the support of all parties, Guangdong private enterprises will show the style of Guangdong businessmen in the emergency moment of anti-epidemic and demonstrate the strength of Guangdong!